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I shared and reblogged anything about the gorgeous, multi-talented and great personality, actor No Min Woo.
p/s: i'm also a Vip for Bigbang and a fan of YG new group, Winner ^^
other favorite actors: song jong ki, micky yoo chun, joo won, lee min ho,kim woo bin, jang geun suk, Aaron yan

Lee Seunghoon | Winner Week

Save a pencil. Don’t drink and draw.

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I can feel that talking with Top by phone is a hard job.[x]

Taeyang x Calvin Klein (ck one 2014 campaign)

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aegyo version of rock, paper, scissors 

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when BaeRi wake T.O.P up with their phone call (at 8PM…) they have to deal with the consequences… (= a sleepy and crazy hyung) (x)

Winner Week Conceptuals x Oscar Wilde
↳ Taehyun the Nightingale in The Nightingale and the Rose 

The Nightingale overhears a student’s plea for a red rose for the student is in love with the professor’s daughter and she will only dance with him if he gives her a red rose. Understanding the depth of this love, the Nightingale searches for a tree that will give him a red rose in exchange for a song. The Nightingale finds one, but learns he must give up his life in exchange for the rose. He must sing all night long until the thorn pierces his heart and turns the rose the deepest shade of red. So, the Nightingale sings one last song amongst the night air and his blood turns the rose crimson, giving up his life for another’s love.

winner teaser movie #3

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Credit: Taewon Entertainment via Naver
Shared by: JYJ3

[CAPS] TOP x French Cafe

Screencapped by: koreanghetto@tumblr

Sexiest man alive

Eyes, Nose, Lips, Hair, Nipples, Abs, skin, Armpit

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Nam Taehyun | Winner Week

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Winner Week Conceptuals
↳ The Epigrams of Oscar Wilde 

Artistic version

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